Sky+ Box

Sky+ Box is a must for avid Sky TV viewers. Making recording TV programmes extremely simple and easy all at a touch of the button. With Sky+ features like Pause and Rewind Option of Live TV, remote record, you will soon be relaxed and happy while watching Sky TV and its numerous channels. With attractive Sky Offers, you will find hard to resist them.

*Sky TV prices will increase on 1 September. In accordance with their standard terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in a minimum contract term.

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The Sky+ Box is specially designed to enhance customer satisfaction by providing them with a wonderful TV viewing experience. The Sky+ is better and much upgraded from the standard Sky box as you are empowered with Sky+ features which allow you to enjoy your Sky TV programmes in much better manner.

Well, check out yourself what the user friendly Sky+ Box has to offer you!

  • With 160 GB storage on your Sky+ digibox, record almost 40 hours of TV programmes.
  • Pause and rewind Live TV feature – the interruptions during TV viewing will no longer be hassles for you.
  • Remote Record enables you to record a programme on your Sky+ Box through your mobile or online via website.
  • Watch your favorite sequences and scenes in slow motion.
  • Bookmark certain point in a programme and return to watch them again.
  • Use parental control feature to shield your children from viewing adult content.
  • Record an entire series – Watch and follow each and every episode at your convenience in your comfort zone.
  • Simultaneously record 2 programmes while you watch the third one – No missing out any of your favorite shows.

All the more convenient and user friendly digital TV box is going to work wonders when you watch TV. Sure enough you are going to enjoy, relax and truly unwind when you watch Sky TV through your Sky Box. There is unlimited TV entertainment flowing your way. Live the sky+ advantage!

Check out the Sky Offers for the Sky+ Box information.

Sky+ Box

The Sky +Box is a one of the most basic set top boxes offered by Sky. It is through the Sky+Box that you can watch Digital TV programmes on to your TV sets. You can also control your TV viewing through this box for you can pause, rewind TV programmes too. This feature allows you to attend to interruptions with ease for you can always catch up from where you left watching the show last.

In case you wish to record your favourite serials and shows, you can do so at a single press of a button on the Sky Remote. The Sky +Box can store up to 185 hours of standard definition TV which is quite adequate for a regular TV viewer.

As a Sky +Box user, do remember to sign up for Sky’s on demand service called the Sky Anytime + service which offers TV shows, content and movies on par with your Sky TV subscription. All you need to do is register for the service and download your preferred content on to your TV box and view it at leisure. Moreover, if you are likely to stay on the move most of the time, you can then even enjoy your Sky TV subscription through your smartphone, laptop, iPad, iPhone or even Xbox 360 by registering up to two devices and downloading its app on your desired machine through its Sky Go service.

You can also opt for the HD pack which offers up to 64 channels in stunning HD and have a marvelous TV viewing experience with Sky. This is not all, opt for the Sky Multiscreen service and watch Sky TV in another room of your home. The Sky Multiscreen service is offered at nominal charges and proves to be greatly convenient if family members wish to watch different TV shows at the same time.

Sky+ Box Offers

By opting for a Sky + Box, you have indeed made a good decision when it comes to enjoy digital TV through Sky. There are various services on the foray which make it even more convenient for you to enjoy Sky. The entire Sky TV services can be decided by you as per your preferences and budget.

You could begin by opting for The Original Bundle Pack and/or the The Original Bundle Extra Pack. The The Original Bundle Pack comprises of 40 channels including most popular ones such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky 1 and so on. The The Original Bundle Extra Pack includes these 40 channels along with yet another 50 channels, bringing the count up to nearly 90 channels making it most suitable for different viewing choices.

You could also go for Sky Movies Pack which offers 12 dedicated movies channels included a special premiere movie channel and Disney Cinemagic as a bonus channel. Sports lovers should go in for the Sports Pack which offers them with 6 exclusive sports channels including a 24x sports news channel.

Over and above this, you can go for MUTV, Chelsea TV, Sky Sports F1, MGM HD and Disney Cinemagic on an individual basis, which means you can subscribe to them if you wish to and pay for them separately.

In case you are a Sky + box subscriber, you can also introduce a friend to Sky. In case your friend joins Sky TV and after he pays for his first subscription, you and your friend are eligible to receive a shopping voucher. Make sure you refer your friend online through Sky’s Introduce a Friend service.

Sky+ Bundles

Sky offers a range of ready to choose Sky+ Bundles which make it easier for you to decide on the most suitable one for your home. Before you choose, do check out the advantages of choosing a Sky + Bundle which include.

  • A shopping voucher provided you join Sky TV online
  • A Sky + or Sky +HD box and its free standard set up
  • Family Bundle including Sky1, Sky Atlantic and Sky Living & free channels too.
  • 2 Sky Services for free - Sky Broadband Everyday Lite and Sky Talk Freetime.
  • Sky wireless ‘N’ router for accessing the broadband service

If you are joining Sky TV for the first time, do opt for

  • Sky Starter Bundle - Sky TV with Family Bundle + Sky Broadband Everyday Lite and Sky Talk Freetime

If you wish to surf the broadband more and on unlimited basis, do opt for

  • Sky Surfing Bundle - Sky TV with Variety Bundle + Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Talk Freetime

If you wish to top for more sporting action on your TV then, the ideal Sky TV bundle is

  • Sky Sports Fan Bundle - Sky TV with Family Bundle, Sky Sports + Sky Broadband Everyday Lite and Sky Talk Freetime

If you love watching movies, the ideal one for you would be

  • Sky Movie Lover Bundle - Sky TV with Family Bundle, Sky Movies + Sky Broadband Everyday Lite and Sky Talk Freetime

Opting for the Sky + Box is a good decision for you can view programmes and also record them as per your convenience which allows you to watch what you wish to and when you wish to. You can also access Sky Anytime + service which offers on demand programmes on par with your Sky TV subscription.

Sky+HD Box

The Sky +HD box is a marvelous and a very user friendly TV box which makes it convenient for first time users to get a grip of it as well. Going a way ahead with the box, the Sky +HD box will definitely enhance your TV viewing experience for it offers great picture quality which is nearly 5 times better than a normal picture quality, truly vibrant colour accompanied by digital quality sound.

Through the Sky+HD Box, you can view more than 64 HD channels which is the largest HD channel range on the offer in the entire UK. You can also pause and rewind TV programmes in case of interruptions such as someone at the door or attending an important phone call. You can even watch a TV sequence a couple of times over through this feature. With the added convenience of recording an entire series at the touch of a button, you can record your preferred series and programmes as and when you wish to.

Recording capacity of the Sky+HD Box is up to 185 hours of standard TV or approximately 60 hours of HD TV through which you can record programmes of your choice. At the same time, you can also access the free of cost Sky Anytime+ service which is Sky’s on demand service offering you a great range of shows, movies and TV content. If you have 3D TV at home, you can also view the Sky 3D channel for free provided you are a Sky World customer.

Giving you still more convenience is the Sky +app which has to be downloaded on your smart phone or tablet through you which you can access Sky TV even when on the move on par with your Sky TV subscription. This Sky Go app offers access to 11 Sky Movies channels, 6 Sports channels, 4 Family Bundle and Sky News Live. You will also be able to access scores of movies on to your iPad or iPhone. Do remember to register for the Sky Go service for which you can register up to two devices. The latest update on Sky Go states that you can get it on your laptop and Xbox 360 as well.

Sky+HD Bundles

Sky+HD Bundles are the most popular TV bundles chosen by most digital TV customers in the UK. With most of the customers switching over to latest TV sets which are HD compatible, it makes sense to opt for a HD TV pack. Sky HD TV bundles offer access to nearly 64 HD channels, all of which air programmes in 5 times better picture quality and digital sound. At the same time, if you own a sky+HD box, then you can enjoy Sky Anytime + and Sky 3D services at no extra cost. Topping it all, Sky+HD bundles offer two more services over and above the regular digital TV service

If you are ready to join Sky TV online with a Sky+HD Bundle, do opt for any of the following

  • Sky HD Starter – Enjoy Sky HD TV with The Original Bundle Pack, Broadband and Talk
  • Sky HD TV Extra - Enjoy Sky HD TV with The Original Bundle Extra Pack, Broadband and Talk
  • Sky Sports in HD – Enjoy Sky HD TV with The Original Bundle Pack, Sky Sports, Broadband & Talk
  • Sky Movies in HD – Enjoy Sky HD TV Extra with The Original Bundle Extra Pack, Sky Movies,Broadband & Talk

Across all these packs, you will enjoy additional services viz.

  • Sky Broadband Everyday Lite – Sky’s basic broadband service which is just right for daily browsing and email
  • Sky Talk Freetime – Use these phone service to make Evening & weekend UK landline# calls at no extra cost with Sky Talk
  • Sky Line Rental – Subscribing to this service is essential for enjoy TV services

As a Sky TV customer, you will also receive

  • Free Sky+HD box and free standard set-up – For enjoying Digital TV programmes
  • Sky wireless 'N' router – For availing the Sky Broadband service

Sky+HD 1TB Box

Love watching TV and wish to record as many programmes as you wish? Well, you could opt for the Sky+HD 2TB Box which has more than normal space to record your preferred programmes. The Sky+HD 2TB Box offers 1TB of space which is nearly four times the storage capacity of the Sky +HD box. In all, you can store up to 740 hours of standard TV programmes or over 240 hours of HD TV content.

The Sky+HD 2TB Box is compatible with HD format and hence subscribers to HD Pack nearly view up to 64 HD channels, which is the largest ever channel range offered in HD in the UK.

The Sky+HD 1TB is a higher version of the Sky + Box when compared to its storage size. With regards to other aspects such as the controlling Live TV which includes pause, rewind and recording of Live TV which is also possible with this box.

This box is ready for Sky Anytime+ - TV on demand and 3D TV which you can enjoy on par with your Sky TV subscription. Both the Sky Anytime + and Sky 3D services are provided at no extra cost which you can enjoy. The Sky Anytime + offers thousands of hours of TV programmes, movies and content which you can view them as per your preference. Also the Sky 3D channel offers exciting programmes in 3D to Sky customers who have subscribed to the Sky World pack.

When you opt for the Sky+HD 2TB Box, you will receive the box along with its remote control. You could also go for an additional remote and a TV link which will allow you to watch the same Sky channel on another television set. If you wish to enjoy the Sky Anytime+ service wirelessly, you could go for Sky Connector too.

Sky+ Box Installation and Set-up

Sky+ Box Installation and Set-up is quite a hassle free procedure provided you as a new Sky customer follow the step suggested by Sky in the right manner. Beginning with your Sky TV subscription and payment done, you will require the assistance of the Sky Specialist Installation Team to install the Sky TV in your home. Once you furnish your property details and the preferred installation time frame, you will receive email information of the installation schedule.

On the day of the installation, the team will arrive and depending upon your property, it may take less time or more time to complete the entire installation process. In normal course, a standard Sky TV set up takes almost 60 minutes or at times slightly more.

On the day of the set-up, the Sky engineer will discuss with you the best possible location for installing the satellite dish and connecting cables on to your Sky box. Once done, the Sky engineer activates your Sky connection through your viewing card and provides you with a demonstration of Sky TV and its functioning. You will be furnished with a PIN number. This PIN number will match with the last four digits printed on the rear side of your viewing card. You are advised to change the PIN number as soon as you can in order to avoid your TV card and connection being misused.

For a quick and smooth installation procedure, you could

  • Ensure there is a free electrical socket where your TV is placed
  • Clear off the surrounding area where the Sky box while be placed
  • There are work in plug in telephone sockets which currently are operational especially within 10 metres of your Sky Box.
  • Ensure there is an adult person who is supervising the installation in order to decide the exact and most suitable dish and cable location
  • Keep your planning permission ready and handy if the installation is likely to be done in flats, listed buildings and conservation areas.
  • Arrange for the internal cables which will be required for tacking on to the skirting board.

Family Bundles

Variety Pack

More than 20 channels of the best US and UK drama and comedy.

Knowledge Pack

More than 11 channels of inspirational documentaries, history and biographies.

Premium Channels

The Original Bundle
  • TV, Sky Broadband & Talk
  • £16.13*/m for 12 months
  • + *Sky Line Rental £15.40 a month
  • £75 credits added to your bill
Sky Family Bundle
  • TV Extra, Sky Broadband Unlimited & Talk
  • £24.75*/m for 12 months
  • + *Sky Line Rental £15.40 a month
  • £75 credits added to your bill
The Sports Bundle
  • TV, Sky Sports, Sky Broadband & Talk
  • £34.50*/m for 12 months
  • + *Sky Line Rental £15.40 a month
  • £75 credits added to your bill